Tales & Cocktails

Apoteka's menu, displayed next to a cozy light.

Apoteka prides itself on being one of the most hospitable bars in Vilnius

Apoteka bar's interior, brimming with people enjoying themselves.

We bring a new wave of cocktail preparation, aromas and flavours

  • A stunning shimmering blue cocktail.
  • Wonderful gin cocktail inspired by the craft of swordsmithing.
  • A beautifully outfitted dark red cocktail brought to us by fellow bartenders from Belgium.

We apply unique ideas, hard work and meticulousness to everything we do

A display of the professionalism that is present for every cocktail made in Apoteka - the bartender's handling a torch in order to create an oak smoke infused cocktail.

Every cocktail has been designed from scratch in the heart of Vilnius

  • A Floral Cocktail inspired by Asian tea.
  • Wonderful cocktail accompanied by Italian snacks, directly inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine.
  • An outstanding cocktail served in a ceramic mug, all entirely themed around the forest.

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